PhD Supervision

PhD Supervision

 A substantial part of my role involves PhD and post graduate research mentorship. I thoroughly enjoy being a PhD supervisor, supporting PhD students through to completion and examining PhDs nationally and internationally. All my current PhD students are focused on research into pedagogical development and education practice. This provides an important means of extending our profile in educational excellence and innovation at Coventry University.


Current PhD students

Peter Ndaa – Professional identity development: exploring the perception of occupational therapy students in Ghana, using Hermeneutic Phenomenology with IPA. Team: Dr Katherine Wimpenny, Director of Studies (DoS) with Dr Rebecca Khanna, Dr Simon Goodman (to submit March 2018) 

Victoria Baron – Self-esteem, well-being, relatedness to others and the art curriculum, using a Mixed Methods Case Study Research. Team: Dr Katherine Wimpenny, DoS with Professor Julia Carroll & Dr Sarah Merry (to submit August 2018)

Gary Connor – Assessment, higher education and business school, using a Mixed Method Experimental Design. Team: Dr Andrew Turner, DoS with Dr Graeme Sullivan & Dr Katherine Wimpenny (to submit summer 2019)

Darren Awang – Exploring experiences of engagement and flow in learners within an Augmented Reality Learning Environment. Team :  Dr Martin Bollard, Dr Louise Moody and Dr Katherine Wimpenny (to submit December 2019)

PhD Completions

  1. Matt Mawer (awarded 2013) ‘Virtual worlds in UK higher education: Student perspectives’ using Constructivist Grounded Theory. Team: Dr David Morris DoS with Dr Katherine Wimpenny
  2. Nicole Steils (awarded 2013) ‘Exploring learner identity in virtual worlds in higher education: narratives of pursuit, embodiment and resistance’ using Narrative Inquiry. Team: Professor Maggi Savin-Baden, DoS, with Dr Gurnam Singh & Dr Katherine Wimpenny
  3. Annette Roebuck (awarded 2013) ‘Challenging cultural; boundaries using creative media: a learning disability communication perspective’ using Arts Based Research. Team: Professor Maggi Savin-Baden, DoS, with Dr Guy Daly, Dr John Woolham & Dr Katherine Wimpenny
  4. Sally Payne (awarded 2014) How is life experienced by teenagers living with dyspraxia? An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Team: Dr Gill Ward, DoS, Professor Andrew Turner, Dr Katherine Wimpenny, Chris Bark
  5. Gemma Tombs (awarded 2015) Pedagogical Design for Virtual Worlds: A Case Study Approach. Team: Dr Katherine Wimpenny DoS, with Professor Maggi Savin-Baden & Dr Frances Deepwell
  6. Danai Mikelli (minor amendments post viva)- Introducing Interactive Documentary in the context of Critical Media Education, using Participatory Action Research. Team: Dr Shaun Hides, DoS & Dr Katherine Wimpenny 




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